Offbeat Paris

A personal tour through Paris

1. "By the grace of God"

2. The best li'l whorehouse

3. Ortolans & Argentinians

4. Going to see my aunt

5. The beast's lair

6. A Joycean encounter

7. From Gainsbourgh to Gainsbarre

8. Unloved maker of Paris

9. The curate and the latex underwear

10. Louis XV's
Irish mistress

11. Fruit of the vine

12. Here lie the sons of crusaders

13. Coping with the call of nature

14. Of speculators and African squatters

15. Anticlerical mutts

16. Monsieur Henri and his pals

17. "A bizarre climate"

18. A city full of holes

19. The hurdy-gurdy player

20. Elegy in a country graveyard